When it comes to eating fast food, sometimes you get way more than you bargain for.

The general concept of fast food chains such as McDonald’s or Burger King is to turn over large amounts of food in almost no time at all. So while going though the drive-thru lane may save you time throughout the day, it also opens you and your family up to the possibility of some less-than-stellar food surprises. Speedy prep times can open up a larger margin of error for employees, meaning that if it gets you in and out the door in as quick a time as possible, they don’t care what happens to your food.

And while that women who found a finger in her chili might have faked her findings, there are plenty of nasty fast food finds that are more fact than fiction. Before taking a bite of your favorite burger or chicken sandwich, you might want to do some investigating to make sure there aren’t any surprises waiting.

Here are some of the nastiest fast food finds that are sure to spoil your appetite.

1. Devorise Dixon was eating at a California KFC when his tenders seemed a bit more rubbery than was to be expected. Upon further inspection, he discovered something that looked like a deep fried rat. When confronting the manager, Dixon was offered a free meal, which he turned down, taking the rat with him to talk to a lawyer.

2. A man at an Oregon Subway was served an extra serving of protein when a dead rodent was discovered in a handful of spinach topping his cold-cut sandwich. Luckily, workers noticed the critter before serving the man his sandwich. After an investigation into the incident, it is believed that the rodent was sealed inside a recently opened bag of spinach.

3. After a man in Thailand discovered several leg-like objects floating in his McDonald’s coffee, he returned the cup for another one. After his replacement cup of coffee returned the same creepy critters he took to social media to discuss his disgust. The company later released an apology letter confirming that there were in fact cockroaches in their coffee pots. Great.

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