Just when you thought that having the “birds and the bees” talk was the most cringe-worthy child-parent conversation in all the world, this concerned mom told us to hold her beer.

When the terrifying hormone monster comes for a visit and transforms your mama’s boys or daddy’s little girls into terrorizing teens, as a parent, just about everything you say or do is embarrassing. Whether it’s dropping your son or daughter off in front of school, or trying to interject the up and coming lingo into daily conversation, parents can’t seem to win when it comes to bonding with their teenage children.

But of all the embarrassing things parents do, nothing can compare to trying to have serious conversations about sex and relationships, especially when your parent is totally oblivious to the fact that she brought up a taboo topic like it was nothing.

Grace is a 23-year-old advertiser working and living in Boston, just a short distance from her mother.

Grace’s mother works as a nurse, meaning the two are often working alternating hours, making bonding time incredibly rare. But while they may not see each other as much as they’d like, Grace’s mom, like most concerned mothers, regularly checks in on her daughter, offering advice as needed.

With a particularly rough winter storm coming their way, Grace’s mom took to text messaging to warn her daughter of the impending “ass eating season.”


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