It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes people in a position of power, whereby those in their care have a limited ability to defend themselves, abuse said power.

There are countless stories of nursing home workers who abuse the patients they are assigned to care for, stories of parents abusing their own kids and awful cases of supposed animal lovers abusing their own pets.

It is all very disturbing, but unfortunately not uncommon. And that’s because these vile perpetrators usually think they can get away with destructing the lives of the vulnerable in society.

All they have to do is force their helpless victims to remain quiet, and all too often these victims have no other options available to them.

Abusing disabled people is particularly awful because often they have little means of defending themselves. Unfortunately, like other forms of abuse, cases such as these are not isolated incidents, and they can take place in the most unlikely of places, by the most unlikely perpetrators.

Schools, for instance, are supposed to be institutions whereby students feel safe, especially those who are especially vulnerable.

However, recently a horrific lawsuit was filed against the Washtenaw Intermediate School District and four individuals affiliated with it, accusing them of being responsible for the abuse of a disabled girl who suffers from cerebral palsy.

“Awful, awful,” Alreida Rice, a woman living in the neighboring area commented. “Abusing someone’s kid, they should not be still dealing with kids.”