When’s the last time you had sex? Maybe you were lucky enough to have had a ‘quickie’ this morning, or perhaps you can’t remember it’s been so long.

Most people would assume that young millennials would be having the most sex, but the truth is their grandparents were the ones shaking the sheets the most!

Research has found that the average American today is having less sex than they were years ago. Archives of Sexual Behaviour recently published an article that showed those born in the 1930s, who would have reached their sexual peak during the freedom loving 1960s, had the most sex.

The study also revealed that between 2010 and 2014, the average American had sex nine fewer times a year than they did between 2000 and 2004. The number jumped to 16 fewer times a year for married couples.

The decline in sexual activity was consistent across gender, religion, work status, race, and education level. Factors that did seem to make a difference, contributing to a sharper decline, included being in one’s 50s, having school-aged children, and not watching pornography.

Jean M Twenge, who authored the study, revealed that “with age and time period controlled, those born in the 1930s had sex the most often, whereas those born in the 1990s had sex the least often. The decline was not linked to longer working hours or increase pornography use.”

So what did cause the decline? It isn’t the higher use of social media, longer working hours, Netflix, or even video games.