It is a universal truth that the best relationships are the ones built on trust. Take for example your relationship with food, you can always trust food to make you feel happy, thus making you and that chocolate brownie a match made in heaven. However, without trust, things begin to fall apart.

Which is something this young man discovered when he hired the team behind the YouTube channel ‘Catch a Cheater’ to investigate his long-term girlfriend…

The young man clearly had reservations about his girlfriend, prompting him to take drastic action to try and test her loyalty. “She’s like my soulmate,” he told the cameras, with a warm smile. “You know, I’m looking up to propose to her,” he said, seemingly oblivious to the absurdity of his current situation.

Explaining why he instigated the carefully choreographed sting operation, the man tells the investigators that his girlfriend has “stopped giving [him] blowjobs” and had converted to feminism. “She started to do all this feminist sh*t,” he said, before adding: “She just stopped shaving.”

Clearly confused by the behavior of his “soulmate,” the young man drafts in assistance to help him understand her actions. Turning to the YouTube channel ‘Catch A Cheater’, he asked them to investigate, and they didn’t disappoint…

Firstly, they brought in a handsome actor to tempt the girlfriend. Adam, also known as “Mr. Steal Your Girl”, was challenged to strike up a conversation with the girl, whilst she waited at a coffee shop for her boyfriend – who wasn’t actually planning on honoring their lunch date, because he was too busy watching her flirt with “Mr. Steal Your Girl” on hidden cameras.

Adam approached the girlfriend and casually began a conversation with her. Without hesitation, the girl accepted when he asked if he could sit with her. The two then began to flirt quite unashamedly, with the girlfriend taking off her shirt to reveal her exposed bra straps underneath.