Sometimes love can be a little too fast and furious.

Forty-four-year-old Misty Lee Wilke had been having an active sexual relationship with an unidentified man, and as things continued to get serious she suspected things would only get better from there. That all changed when an argument between the couple led to the reveal that the man was HIV-positive.

While Wilke ensure police that the man had laughed at her after revealing the news, and even took out a knife to try and attack her, surveillance footage reveals that Wilke put the pedal to the metal to seek revenge against her former lover.

The man can be seen leaving the altercation on his bicycle, when Wilke, in a red Mustang, can be seeing speeding toward him.

Wilke then proceeded to collide with her ex-lover, sending him flying into the air as she drove away.

It took Wilke nearly a half an hour to report the hit and run to police, insisting she didn’t mean to hit the man.

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