Weird things happen around the world on a daily basis. In fact, they occur so unexpectedly and frequently that they often pass us by, completely unnoticed. That is, unless they get caught by the Google satellite cameras as they snap shots for their Earth feature.

Over the years, keen-eyed internet users have spotted a variety of peculiar things on Google Earth, from alleged murder scenes to extra-terrestrials. However, if you thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre than that then you’re mistaken…

1. A herd of hippos in Tanzania

At a first glance, this scene looks like there has been a catastrophic accident at a chocolate factory. But, under closer inspection, it actually shows a herd of hippos wallowing in a mud pool!


2. Monster on the mountainside in Chile

The Atacama Giant could easily be mistaken for an alien, but (if possible), it has a much more interesting history. Crafted in 1000 AD, it has stood as a God-like figure to those in the Atacama Desert in Chile for centuries.

The figure was used as a calendar by the people of the time, who used the 12 spikes on the head to determine the month of the year, dependent on their alignment with the moon. Therefore, it was extremely important to their harvest, for it ensured they were prepared for the rainy season.

3. Friendly Firefox in Oregon, US

Google have had tough competition from the crafty search engine, Firefox.

So, when a keen-eyed Google Earth user spotted the Firefox logo on Google Earth, they were amused by the cunning crop circle. The circle was made by students at the Oregon State University, who also formed their cars into an ‘F’ and an ‘X’ formation at the bottom of the map.