Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has done a remarkable job of making himself a world-wide icon. After a knee injury caused his soccer career to come to an end at just 19 years old, the British chef turned his attention to cooking and has become a household name through his humorous short-tempered outbursts on shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

However, whether he’s acquiring one of his 16 Michelin Stars, training somebody to become head chef of his Las Vegas pub or going deep into the Colombian jungle to research the production of cocaine, Ramsay always seems to find himself surrounded by, well, as he describes them…

His ferocious temper and quick-wit has made for some of televisions most infamous roasts and one-liners – usually at the expense of nervous wannabe chefs who want nothing more than for Gordon to enjoy their cooking.

Hell, let’s enjoy a couple of his most memorable outbursts. Anyone remember the “Where’s the lamb sauce?” fiasco?

And now, people have taken to Twitter to share their best culinary efforts with Chef Ramsay, and it’s safe to say he can fit more amazing insults into just 160 characters. Here are some of the best:

Like his distaste for plant eaters:

This romantic retort:

And his hate for anything that looks even remotely raw: