Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. It allows everyone to explore their inner ghoul, dress outrageously and have a total blast terrorizing people with their most horrifying looks!

However, it is also a holiday which allows people, especially women, to dress in some of their most revealing gear without fear of judgement. You can dress as a scantily clad nurse, secretary, maid… Hell, you can dress up as a scantily clad anything.

And these are the very best and sexiest Halloween costumes of 2017.

1. Ariel Winter as a sexy skeleton

Halloween was pretty much made for Ariel Winter if you know what I mean…

2. Jen Selter as Wonder Woman

While I would normally say, Wonder Women are a dime a dozen during Halloween, Jen Selter is clearly a cut above the rest.

3. Vanessa Hudgens as a member of the Freak show 

Vanessa hosted a Freak show party this year in her LA home. Where was my invite?

Sexy Halloween outfits are part and parcel of the spooky holiday. Not seeing a scantily clad ghoul, for instance, would be like not opening presents at Christmas, or not seeing Easter eggs during Easter or eating during Yom Kippur.