It’s no secret that some men (especially young men) ejaculate much quicker than anticipated. And this might simply be due to the fact that they are more sensitive than others in the downstairs department.

However, it usually stems from a number of complicated factors that can leave sufferers feeling pretty inadequate.

Some men may also come quicker because they are scared of losing their erection before climaxing and so aim to speed up sexual intercourse in order to combat this.

And there are certain methods such men may have tried in order to avoid coming to soon, such as training the muscles in their groin area when they urinate by stopping and starting their stream of urine.

They may have tried masturbating before having sex in order to get it out of their system.

Hell, if it has been a persistent problem, they may have even tried certain medications. Resorting to medication is probably necessary if these men suffer from conditions which directly cause them to ejaculate sooner than expected, (diabetes being an example).

However, a lot of these methods are not really long-term solutions. Sex can leave you in a vulnerable situation, especially if you’re young and still fairly new to it.

I mean, it involves revealing very intimate parts of your body, parts that you may feel insecure about.