Rose McGowan has become the most vocal figure in the Harvey Weinstein debacle. As you probably already know, earlier this month she claimed that Weinstein had raped her in her youth when they both attended the Sundance Film Festival in 1997.

According to the Times, she received a $100,000 settlement as a result of the incident, although this did little to work in her favor considering she could have received a whopping $1 million instead. A settlement that she claims would have helped her avoid an arrest warrant.

McGowan is one of the many women who had accused the former movie mogul of either sexual assault, harassment or rape. But now the outspoken actress has been issued with an arrest warrant for supposedly being in possession of drugs.

However, she claims that this would never have happened if she had agreed to take a larger chunk of Weinstein’s cash in exchange for her silence.

In January, McGowan was the subject of a police investigation and now has a felony charge against her from Virginia State police.

She left her personal belongings on a United Airlines flight headed towards Washington Dulles International Airport.

According to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department who obtained the warrant, her belongings were sent away for testing and came back as positive for narcotics. However, the tests did not reveal what exactly the drugs were.