Although I’ve never been behind bars myself, I can only imagine how daunting it must be knowing that you have to pay for whatever awful crime you have done with your freedom.

In prison, you run the risk of sharing a cell with someone who is capable of murder, you have to accept the fact you have lost your civil rights, you’re locked away from the outside world and even when you come out you’ll have a criminal record for the rest of your life.

If you were facing years of your life in prison, you might be brazen enough to start plotting your escape as soon as the bars are closed.

You’d constantly be thinking of all things you’d miss if you remained locked up for years: precious moments with your family, newer iPhone models, humanoid robots roaming about the streets, and possibly even an alien invasion.

And if you were to make your attempt at a great escape, you’d probably think of an elaborate disguise. Maybe you’d find some way of getting your hands on a prison guard’s uniform. No one would ever suspect a guard right?

However, one 44-year-old man made his great escape in a rather unimaginative way – and yet it totally worked.

His name is Todd Wayne Boyes and he made his escape simply by dressing up as an ordinary man and venturing out of the prison doors. He changed out of his uniform into an ordinary sweater and a pair of khaki shorts.

The inmate in question managed to escape a West Virginia jail but not before discovering the perfect disguise: dressing up as any ordinary middle-aged man on the street. Hiding in plain sight!

The escape took place last Wednesday, and it still has not been disclosed where the inmate found the items of clothing or whether he managed to smuggle them into the facility.