If you inherited a painting from a family member who had recently passed away, you’d probably be expecting it to have sentimental value, but presumably wouldn’t expect it to be worth a serious amount of cash.

However, one very lucky man found a very valuable item of art in his aunt’s home hidden underneath one of his aunt’s prized possessions. It has been valued and could be worth as much as $13 million.

Carl Sabatino always saw the painting in his aunt’s home, it was pretty hard to miss. At that time, he referred to it as “the woman in the fuzzy hat”. Then many years later, just before his aunt passed away, she told Carl he could have the painting. It wasn’t until later that he discovered just how valuable it truly was.

Carl’s aunt, Jenny Verastro indirectly told him where to find the painting just before she died; “Three days before she passed on, she told me, ‘Don’t forget, Carl, to look under the sewing machine.’”

According to Carl, his aunt’s words made him very curious about what was supposedly awaiting him under the sewing machine. Could it have been a present of some sort? Something to remember her by?

So, soon after his aunt advised him to check the sewing machine, he went over to her house and moved it slightly and suddenly the painting slid out.

Then the paining that he remembered so vividly from his childhood came out from underneath, only it had been wrapped in newspaper.

There was the same woman in the black hat. He unwrapped it but didn’t think there would be anything new to discover since he knew the paining so well.

However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that the signature in the upper left corner was that of Pablo Picasso!