Across the globe, racism is undeniably alive and well today. That’s why it’s so important for us to speak up when we see discrimination taking place, whether it’s happening in front of us or on the internet.

That said, some individuals take it way too far, getting offended by everything they perceive as racially insensitive. Whether their intentions are good or not, their cries of racial injustice water down legitimate issues that need to be examined and, ironically, create their own offensive implications.

Such was the case when “Riverdale” actress Lili Reinhart shared her idea for a Halloween costume on Twitter. Though the image clearly depicted a demon-like creature, she was accused of promoting blackface.

Blackface should never be a part of our costumes, Halloween or otherwise. But we should also acknowledge that covering your body in black paint to look like a demon does not equal blackface. Unfortunately, many who saw Reinhart’s tweet didn’t agree.

No part of Reinhart’s costume idea had anything to do with black people, but that didn’t stop her critics from calling her racist.

It didn’t take Reinhart long to delete the tweet and apologize for being “insensitive” by sharing the photo.

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