As North Korea continues pose a threat to the Western world with their nuclear weaponry, it seems that ones test have majorly backfired, resulting in a huge loss of life.

Yesterday we reported how satellite images allegedly show North Korean facilities that may be capable of producing a liquid engine rocket fuel called UDMH (meaning the nation would not have to rely on outside countries to fuel their arsenal). However, today a report has been release that suggests Kim Jong-un has hit yet another speedbump.

According to an unverified media report from a Japanese news outlet, at least 200 people have been killed at a North Korean nuclear test site after a tunnel unexpectedly collapsed.

The incident is said to have taken place on October 10, during the ongoing construction of a brand new underground facility at the Punggye-ri site, located in the north-east of North Korea.

However, we must stress that there has been no official confirmation of the North Korean source’s claims, who has reportedly chosen to remain anonymous.

Japanese news station TV Asahi reported that up to 100 workers became trapped underground after the initial tunnel collapse. However, after a second collapse occurred during the rescue attempts, another 100 people were trapped underground – raising the overall death toll to at least 200.

The network alleged that the incident occurred as the direct result of the weakening of the ground supporting the site following North Korea’s SIXTH nuclear test that was carried out on the same site.

The news comes just one day after Seoul put out a warning that one more North Korean nuclear detonation could result in the destruction of its mountain test site. The consequence of this would be a devastating radiation leak, endangering the lives of thousands.

Now, South Korea has released a statement saying any future nuclear test by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un risks the collapse of the location which has been designated for launching missiles.