If you’re a fan of menthol cigarettes, then you know that Newports is the classic brand to smoke. If you’re a fan of marijuana as well, then you may have something coming your way that may combine the best of both worlds.

via http://tobacco.stanford.edu/

According to a CMO at the company, Newport has been patiently waiting to get in the marijuana game. With new states approving recreational marijuana, the consumer base will only expand. As of now, it’s just Colorado and Washington that have recreational laws and a few other states have decriminalized it, but not made the plant recreational.

The CMO said that the company has acquired THOUSANDS of acres to grow the plant and has even started setting up a “distribution line” that expands all the way down to South America.

While the tobacco company cannot advertise in the United States, they’ve been saving up billions! Commercials are to begin filming for sponsors such as Snoop Dogg and even political commentator Bill Maher!

Since the drug is only legal in a recreation fashion in Colorado and Washington state, those ads will only be featured in those areas. This could be a HUGE move for the tobacco company as marijuana just may be the way of the future — at least we hope!