April is the start of Little League season, and we need to talk with you about something. Little League is supposed to be a bit of fun for kids, but certain parents tend to ruin everything, and you might be one of them. This isn’t professional baseball, and winning Little League isn’t going to get your kid a six-figure salary as soon as they turn 18.

In fact, things got so bad at Glendale Little League in Wisconsin that board members decided to post signs with rules that parents have to abide by. They were recently posted to Reddit by Evan Primakow, a parent in the league, and quickly went viral.

The sign reads:

 1. These are KIDS.

2. This is a GAME.

3. Coaches are VOLUNTEERS.

4. Umpires are HUMAN.

5. Your child is NOT being scouted by the Brewers today.

John Diedrich, president of the Glendale Little League, explained on WBIR that the signs were put up a few years ago because of bad behavior from some parents:

“I know our league is not alone in having such parents get out of  hand. It’s a well-documented problem. And it is not just spectators. I  have also seen parents volunteering as coaches lose their cool.”

“As  these ugly scenes play out, the players – the kids – are watching. The  result can be players themselves becoming poor sports. But just as many players turn away from the sport, embarrassed or just burned out by the intensity of their parents.”

“The sign at our park is a reality check and a reminder that this is a  game. We, as parents, get to create an opportunity for children to grow  and learn lessons of life through the glorious game of baseball.”

And judging by the response on Reddit, most Little Leagues could benefit from similar signs…

Let kids be kids.

(via Distractify)