8. When the bridesmaid is hotter than the bride

There are many things not exactly right in this photo and the wedding photographer was there to put the spotlight on them. First of all, the spotlight is literally visible in the shot, reflected by the windows. That is a bit unprofessional and just some simple post-processing maneuvers would have been enough to make it disappear.

Second, the couple is stealing the event and all the attention for its own interest. Proposing can be done somewhere else without disrupting a wedding which had already too much happening. Moving one to the background, they are clearly judging the poor guy and laughing at the situations.

Kneeling was definitely not a trend for this year in terms of proposal and he should have known better. Attending wedding fairs would have taught him that the age of keeling is gone. The girl is obviously disappointed by him and I think we all know how this is going to end.