4. I don’t know whats craziest; The hair, the dress or the shoes?

Fashion shows can offer subjects worthy of attraction even outside the catwalk. The two ladies sitting side by side seem engaged in a normal conversation about what they are seeing, but they are miles apart in terms of taste. While balance and refinement chose the right side of the photo, the left certainly puts everything out of balance by being flamboyant.

Too much color, and a hair style to die for, caught the camera, with no hope left for the models walking between the photographer and its subject. The lady seems very comfortable in her outfit, and this is definitely a plus. We can only say that we appreciate the overall package, although there is a bit too much.

We certainly like the circle based blouse, and the leggings. The shoes are completely out of place and we are afraid to see what the dress is capable of. No mystery here regarding why the spotlight was stolen.