10. Alternative bridesmaid

If some bridesmaids steal the attention by being more attractive than the maid, in other weddings the unpredictable happens. We don’t know even where to begin speculating about this guy and his role in the economy of the wedding. Did he lost an awful bet with friends and has to do something completely embarrassing?

Is he mentally disabled and got lost from the mental institution which was his home? Or maybe this is a bold way of confessing his love and putting a stop to the wedding. Whatever the case, he achieved what he wanted, and he is a spotlight stealer.

Whatever happened next, it is just a bonus to the awkward situation already existing there, and the photographer was there to capture the remainder. We just have to hope that the wedding was not ruined. But judging by the fact that on both sides of the aisle people are relaxed, we can rest assured this was planned and part of the plan.