We invite you to check each of these 12 photos in which the spotlight was stolen. Some more obvious than others, they all exploit the weaknesses of our minds and eyes. We are naturally attracted of the unusual, of the beauty, or simply of the things which are out of their normal proportions.

Whatever the case, you need a trained eye and a good set of skills to frame and center the photo around that spotlight stealer. You could include solely that in your shots, but the context clearly helps a lot in promoting the differences.

Photos are often given value by the novelty they introduce. A new angle, a new perspective, or using completely unusual subjects, all of that helps in having photos which achieve fame. The Internet will always make room for something a lot of people consider interesting and this is exactly what happened with these 12 shots.

A single photo often tells only a small part of the story. We can bet a lot of you are willing to pay any price to know more about what happened in each of the 12 stories, before and after the shots were taken. We can always blame the cameraman for choosing to make a photo instead of filming for a couple of minutes.

But the photos certainly put your mind in motion, as you try to come up with explanations better and more extreme than ours. The human potential is there and this is just a small introduction on how things can go outside the normal.



This photo serves as a good example that when you put “huge” next to big, that “big” becomes “small”. The girls in the picture might seem to act as friends, but the size of their bust is surely putting a lot of difference between them.

Starting from the left, where is nothing inside that bra, and ending in the center, where there is too much, mother nature surely knows how to play with the human body. Of course, for fun bag enthusiasts, there is never enough, but we can agree that too much can do a lot of nasty things to your back. Those beauties certainly add some good pounds to the weight a normal woman is supposed to carry, so it should not be comfortable at all to do basic daily activities.

There is always the possibility of Photoshop messing with our minds eager to believe anything, but the faulty work is lacking here, and there is nothing to point out in that direction. For a good reason, the spotlight is stolen by the lady with an impressive bust.