9. Jayla Cooper and Jose Griggs

Jayla Cooper and Jose Griggs

What happens when the doctors give you only a couple of weeks left to live, and you still didn’t start chasing your biggest dreams?

When 9-year-old Jayla Cooper was diagnosed with leukemia in a terminal phase, her biggest regret was that she would never get to wear a white dress and go down the aisle. However, her family walked all the needed miles to make that dream come true.

The hardest part about staging a wedding is finding a groom ready to play his role. During her stay at the Children’s Medical Hospital in Dallas, Jayla befriended Jose Griggs, a kid whose battle with leukemia went the other way.

At this point, it needs to be said that the state of Texas allows marriage with parental consent for teenagers older than 14. That’s why the union between Jayla and Jose was merely symbolical.

Jayla Cooper and Jose Griggs

Uplifting as it is, this story did not have a miraculous continuation. Jayla Cooper lost her battle with leukemia but left with a smile on her face.