8. Mangli and Sheru

Mangli and Sheru

Forget about parents telling you who to marry.

This poor 18-year-old from Eastern India listened to the village elders and married a stray dog. What’s the explanation behind this strange and unusual human-canine union?

The superstitious folks of rural India were convinced an evil spirit possessed young Mangli and that her first husband will get to suffer. Sheru’s role was to perform a cleansing and prepare her for a real marriage.

Just imagine being a tourist visiting the village while the ceremony was well underway. Your gut feeling would be to run away as quick as possible and don’t look back. Or would you stay, hoping that a Bollywood-like scenario is seconds away from unfolding?

Let’s recap the reasons that make such a marriage not a bad idea. Dogs never cheat and don’t spend the nights down at the local pub. On the other hand, all that they can provide for the family are bones and the occasional dead cat.

Mangli and Sheru

The next odd and ephemeral couple will drain a couple of tears from you. You must read their story.