7. Liu Ye and Liu Ye

Liu Ye and Liu Ye

You might be over-obsessed with your person and still be light years away from what Liu Ye did.

The 43-year-old Chinese from Zhuhai married himself in a ceremony that raises a couple of interesting paradoxes. The ceremony in which he “exchanged vows” with a cardboard copy of himself wearing a traditional Chinese wedding gown might be the most absurd thing ever.

Do you count as gay if you marry yourself? How did the Chinese Communist government allow such an abomination to ruin the country’s reputation as extremely ethical and conservative?

“There are many reasons for marrying myself, but mainly to express my dissatisfaction with reality. This marriage makes me whole again.” That was Liu’s toast held in front of 100 guests.

Can you imagine the audience trying to act casual as Liu Ye invites himself to dance and kisses the lifeless cardboard? Love can be incredibly strange sometimes.

Liu Ye and Liu Ye

Ready for another odd couple? This one is guaranteed to shock you.