5. Amy Wolfe and 1001 Nacht

Amy Wolfe and 1001 Nacht

Amy Wolfe is jealous each time someone else rides her lover.

Stop right there! We are not talking nasty bedroom details here. Amy’s unusual love interest is a rollercoaster called 1001 Nachts (nights), for which she fell after riding a record 3,000 times.

How is that even remotely possible? Scientists say “yes, ” and they even have a name for it – objectum sexuality. Amy was most likely a child that faced difficulties while trying to get along with the others, not to mention finding a romantic partner. The ride offered her thrills never experienced before, thus explaining the unnatural connexion.

How is Amy cherishing her love? She has a photo of the fairground ride on her bedroom wall and keeps nuts and screws close by. Amy even contacted Park management and proposed.

Can you imagine the ridicule this odd couple faces each day? We don’t doubt 1001 Nachts has a heart of steel. The one we worry about is Amy.

Amy Wolfe and 1001 Nacht

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