3. Joelison and Evem

Joelison and Evem

Love conquers all obstacles, and 1 meter in height difference is nothing.

For Joelison and Evem, each kiss is a challenged. The 2.30m Brazilian giant met the love of his life when he was 28 years old. It might sound strange for a man of his stature to be shy, but Joelison spent most of his young years avoiding social contacts as much as possible.

Evem started by being one of the many ordinary folks that admired Joelison. Soon enough, their friendship bloomed to love.

Take a look at those candid shots of the couple in the bedroom. If what they say about foot size is true, things should get pretty interesting when the lights are off. Unfortunately, the couple was not willing to share such details with their anxious fans.

Joelison and Evem

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