15. Amanda Rodgers and Sheba

Amanda Rodgers and Sheba

Even the Western culture can keep a blind eye on human-animal couples that walk down the aisle.

Meet Amanda Rogers, a 48-year-old socialite whose negative experiences with men pushed her into the arms of her beloved pet dog. As we look at the poor mutt’s face, we feel our mind exploding with questions.

Is this relationship strictly platonic? How did the minister interpret Sheba’s bark as a “yes?” Should someone call the police for animal abuse?

The strange wedding took place back in 2014 and had 200 guests (humans and pets) that went all the way to Split, Croatia, to attend what most considered an abomination.

We could laugh all we want at this odd couple, but no one is spared from the cruel lesson it serves. Amanda explains she chose Sheba because offered what no other partner was ever capable.

Listening and not judging, comforting in times of feeling low, and being there all the time are all arguments capable of striking a venomous arrow. Let’s add a great licking technique to conclude with a laugh.

Amanda Rodgers and Sheba

Some gamers get stranded in their virtual world with no possibility of ever going back to the old ways. Even dating has to suffer.