11. Chadil Deffy and Ann Kamsuk

Chadil Deffy and Ann Kamsuk

The story of Chadil Deffy and Ann Kamsuk proves one crucial point – life is short, and tragedy can strike at any moment.

Uninformed viewers might take the photo above as something that happens on a constant basis at weddings. The ceremony exhausted the bride, who fainted and had to be brought back to life with a kiss.

Unfortunately, that scenario works only in tales for children. TV producer Chadil Deffy granted his dead girlfriend the wish of getting married, in a funeral ceremony that made everyone cry to the point of dehydration.

Ann died in a car accident when she was just 29 years old. The two knew each other for ten years and had postponed the wedding on countless occasions due to their busy schedules.

This odd couple might prove the point that love is eternal. However, some of the viewers will probably get offended and see it as a manner of desecrating a corpse.

Chadil Deffy and Ann Kamsuk

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