10. Zatera and Calvin Spencer

Zatera and Calvin Spencer

Zatera and Calvin Spencer form the luckiest couple in the history of humanity.

Winning the lottery and enjoying a care-free stroll through life is everyone’s biggest dream. This couple bought a winning ticket three times in just under one month.

Yep, you heard right. Ms. and Mr. Spencer did not settle with winning $1 million in the Virginia Powerball lottery. They kept on playing, and luck smiled back at them again.

A modest sum of $50,000 followed by another million made them confident they can join guys like Bill Gates at the top of the table without doing something revolutionary.

Nevertheless, one should remember all the incredible stories of those who won the lottery in the past and lost the money afterward. “We’re not finished yet.” are the exact words with which the Spencers announced they are not yet ready to give up the habit of picking numbers.

Let’s just hope they don’t spend all their money chasing what most experts consider mathematically impossible to happen.

Zatera and Calvin Spencer

The next couple was not lucky. Fate had something else in mind for them.