We’ve all been there. You have one too many drinks, and suddenly the world goes upside down. Everything that seemed normal is gone, and everything you never though was even possible- is happening right now! And you’ve told yourself so many times you’re not gonna drink ever again, but then the weekend happens. And what happens during the weekend, never stays there. It goes online! Thanks to so many people who have lost control over their bodies and minds, we can make a list of 15 biggest drunk fails to remind you to set some boundaries! So take a good look at these people before you go out this weekend!

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1. Wow, that must have been painful! There are many similarities between yoga and being super waisted. Those similarities come from the sense of relaxation people get from practicing yoga and drinking alcohol. Some people might say it’s not so much about relaxation, it’s more about not feeling your body properly. Therefore, drunk girls can do this without feeling consequences. At least for a few hours.