If you’ve ever watched a Jackie Chan movie, then you know, straight up that tons of bones were broken during the making of his films. Not only did Jackie Chan perform all of his own stunts, but so did his team of death-defying stuntmen. When you get hurt that badly for a living and you develop a reputation for doing so, there are only so many people who are crazy enough to want to work with you.

So it’s understandable that Chan would develop a close relationship with his team of pain-loving and fearless stuntmen over the years.

Something that was evident during a televised tribute to Chan where he was surprised by the team he thanked when he received his honorary Oscar.

First, Chan was shown footage from his past films, you know, run of the mill tribute stuff.

They cherry-picked some of the more insane stunts from his films.

Once he realized who the men standing behind him were though, it was almost too much for Chan to handle.

You can check out the entire video here. Warning: seeing someone as wonderful as Jackie Chan cry might make you cry.


Thanks for the injuries, Jackie.

(via Distractify)