If you look at any teenagers online profiles, it would be pretty easy to write off this generation of high school students as Instagram obsessed brats with no real passion for anything outside social media. However, for every kid glued to their iPhone, there’s a kid appreciating the incredible world around them. The latter are our hope for the future.

One of those hopes for the future is 17-year-old Jalen Brooks, a high school senior from Riverside, Illinois. A herpetologist came to his high school zoology class to show the students rare animals that had been confiscated from the illegal pet trade… And let’s just say, Brooks was pretty damn mesmerized.

Classmate Jill Lojas tweeted a video of Brooks’ epic reactions to the presentation.

Clearly, Brooks could NOT handle the majesty of the animal kingdom.

“It began when he pulled out the biggest duck species there is! I was super intrigued,” he told BuzzFeed News. “After that,  then he pulled out the largest python I’ve ever seen and I lost it.”

Twitter is now “losing it” over Brooks’ enthusiasm. TBH, it’s just so pure and refreshing.



The video has been retweeted nearly 140,000 times — and it’s getting the meme treatment.

As if the story isn’t adorable enough already, Brooks’ account of the whole thing is priceless. “He pulled out a series of crazy reptiles that were honestly dinosaurs in my opinion,” he said. “Then he pulled out the largest python I’ve ever seen and I lost it.”

Some people were equally impressed by the animals, and they wondered why their zoology classes weren’t this cool.

It didn’t take long for the memes to start flowing in.




The newfound Twitter fame has even landed Brooks some A-list followers, including NBA star Stephen Curry.

Jalen, never lose your sense of wonder.


2016 sucked, but the world is still magical.

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