The suspect in both a recent Saskatchewan homicide and the shooting of an RCMP officer in B.C. has been located near Revelstoke, B.C., according to the city’s staff.

Police have yet to confirm the report to CBC News, but Revelstoke officials say they were contacted by RCMP and told the search had ended. The condition of the suspect has not been reported.

Local media have also been reporting that Sheldon Kyle Thunderblanket, 40, was captured Wednesday morning follow an overnight search about four kilometres east of Revelstoke, in an area known as Johnston Heights, where a stolen vehicle connected with the Mountie shooting was found.

Thunderblanket was charged with first-degree murder and several other related charges after an unidentified person was found dead on Little Pine First Nation in Saskatchewan on Monday night.

Abandoned van

Shawna Oochoo snapped this photo of an abandoned Saskatchewan van on the highway near Revelstoke, B.C. It is believed to be connected to Sheldon Thunderblanket. (Submitted by Shawna Oochoo)

Around 2:30 p.m. PT Tuesday, a suspect opened fire on a female officer at a traffic stop on the Trans-Canada Highway near Golden, B.C.

Police say the suspect refused to follow orders and fired at the officer before stealing another vehicle at gunpoint and fleeing, prompting police to close the Trans-Canada Highway between Golden and Revelstoke.

The officer was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to her arm. Police say the injury is not life-threatening.

On Wednesday morning, police confirmed Thunderblanket was also the suspect in the shooting near Golden.

Trans-Canada Highway partly reopened

The search for Thunderblanket sparked a massive manhunt and the closure of the Trans-Canada Highway overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday morning.

Early Wednesday, the DriveBC website said a section of the road between Revelstoke and Golden was open to single-lane alternating traffic.

Golden traffic stop

Traffic was stopped just west of Golden, B.C., on Tuesday after an RCMP officer was shot. (Dennis Bil/Twitter)

The situation was different overnight Tuesday for hundreds of drivers caught in the police roadblock.

RCMP were only letting small batches of traffic move eastbound overnight, meaning hundreds of drivers had to spend the night in their vehicles.

One woman called CBC to say she and others were stuck for almost 12 hours on the highway with no information from officials about what they should do.

“We waited 11 hours before the first person ever came — and we were five from the front — before the first person ever came to give us any update on whether we should stay or go,” said the woman.

“We were cold. Our cellphones had run out. Our gas — we had to keep turning on and off to keep ourselves heated. No food. No water. No nothing.

“All these police road crews there, and nobody would give us nothing. There were were hundreds of car backed up and not a word was said to us.”

She said they eventually returned to Golden and spent the rest of the night in their car outside the only gas station that was open, because all the hotels were already full.

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