After a long morning (or 15 minutes, TBH) on the treadmill, you probably want to celebrate your astonishing discipline and hot body. There’s nothing like dancing it out in the locker room since your muscles are all warmed up and there are mirrors everywhere so you can catch your good angles.

One strapping gentleman decided to channel his inner Britney Spears after his workout, performing a flawless strip tease to “Private Show” from her recently-released “comeback album” Glory.

Behold, the best video you’ll see all week:

It started out like your typical locker room strip tease (because that exists).


And things escalated in the best kind of way.


Clearly, he does his squats every day. 

And just when things were really getting good, another dude walks in and kills the mood.


We’d pay a lot of money to know what was going through his mind when he accidentally witnessed the greatest striptease to ever grace the Internet. 

This Britney-inspired “workout” drew in a pretty enthusiastic fan base on Twitter. Pretty much everyone was bummed that the epic performance got cut short by an inconvenient locker room bro.




Understandably, the video has been retweeted 1,300 times.

But its star stripper seems to be adjusting well to the newfound Twitter fame.

Britney probably approves.

(h/t someecards)

(via Distractify)