I’ve got insane amounts of love and respect for Chinese Olympic Bronze Medal winner Fu Yuanhui. First, because of just how unashamed she is of being her amazingly dorky self on camera.


She made headlines when she didn’t even know she won a bronze medal, and absolutely spazzed out live on camera when the reporter interviewing her broke the good news.
And as if you didn’t have enough reasons to love her, 20-year-old Yuanhui gave a candid answer as to why she wasn’t feeling well after her team placed fourth in the 4x100m medley relay that took place on Sunday.


It was because of her period.

“I didn’t swim well enough this time. It’s because my period came yesterday. So I felt particularly tired.”

Yuanhui, in her interview, is seen fighting a horrible stomach pain in her interview, which she openly attributes to her period.

But Yuanhui was quick to place the blame on her performance and not her menstrual cycle.


The fact that she brought it up, however, goes a long way in breaking the period taboo in sports. Not enough female athletes bring it up, and the fact that she competed on the world’s largest stage and putting in a solid performance while suffering a pain I can only imagine, is impressive as hell.

And the rest of the internet thinks so too.





It’s amazing to think that this 20-year-old is so unabashedly open and honest and as a result, is becoming a symbol of power for women and nerds everywhere.


Keep rockin’ Fu.

(via Distractify)