Did you know that everyone’s favorite character Joey on the hit show Friends had only $11 when starting the series and we bet you couldn’t guess what he did after getting his first paycheck! Find out what he bought and check out all the other surprising facts about Matt LeBlanc you probably never knew.

He was actually quite literally broke when he auditioned for Joey’s role on Friends. Rumor has it that he only had as much as $11 in his pocket when he first appeared on set, but after getting paid for the first time, he treated himself to an amazing hot meal. He may have been broke but he was rich in talent and that changed his life forever.

Prior to playing the much loved character on Friends, everybody knew him as ‘that guy from the Heinz ketchup commercial’, but then he became popular as Joey on the comedy hit.

After Friends, he was signed up for the spin-off show ‘Joey’, but sadly it was cancelled after only two seasons.

Matt got married at some point and he now has one daughter from that relationship. He and Melissa McKnight got together in sometime in 2003.

His little girl Marina had a quite traumatic childhood with a worrisome diagnosis and following medical treatments, making those years for Matt some of his darkest. At only 8 months old, baby Marina had seizures after doctors found that she had a rare brain condition. She is in her teens now and apparently she feels much better.

Matt and his dad don’t keep in touch. They do not so much as call each other and no one knows why. It is almost as if he didn’t have a father.

Matt is nothing like Joey on Friends. He is not even close to that character. In real life, he is actually a very intelligent guy.