Waist trainers scare me. Sure, the idea of an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in my face sounds really good, but I can’t imagine that a corset that compresses all of your organs into a tight little space is a good idea.

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Which is why Actor Christianee Porter used her popular video character, Ms. Shirleen, to talk about the dangers of wearing these diabolically sexy-figure creating contraptions.
It seems like these slimming bands are cropping up all over the place. The Kardashians are especially known for pimping these new-age corsets all over their social media accounts.

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Ms. Shirleen, however, wants ladies everywhere to know that they’re pretty much killing themselves by wearing them.

Ms. Shirleen on waist trainers.

Keep in mind that Ms. Shirleen is a fictional character, so when she says that her niece fainted after wearing a waist trainer in 130 degree heat “at the Red Lobster” please keep in mind these are fictional circumstances. But I mean, if you’re wearing a waist trainer and there are cheddar biscuits involved, you know that’s not going to end well.

Ms. Shirleen does make some good points about waist trainers, saying that waist trainers, “cut off oxygen to the brain.”

Ms. Shirleen on waist trainers.

And although it might seem like hyperbole, wearing waist trainers have been scientifically proven to be hazardous to one’s health.

“Just because a celebrity promotes it doesn’t mean that it’s safe or that it works or that it’s proven,” said spinal surgeon Dr. Paul Jeffords in an interview with USA Today.


In fact, waist-trainers are just modern day versions of the corset, which date back to the 16th century.
Dr. Ludovic O’Followel has done extensive research on the destructive effects tight corsets have on our bodies.


So if you’re not going to listen to Ms. Shirleen, at the very least listen to a doctor who’s telling you that wearing these things, especially when working out is a terrible, terrible idea.

Just stick to strict calorie counting and exercise when you’re trying to lose weight people, no gimmicks, pills, or body damage necessary.

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