Cosplaying is an incredibly fun and detailed immersion into the world of a fictional character. There is no detail too intricate to be included, and some cosplayers will spend a hefty amount of money to embody their character to the fullest possible extent.

But the question still remains: how faithful must one be to the canon of their character’s world? Does your gender or appearance limit your cosplaying options?

Star Wars fan Jessica Bentley posed this cosplaying question to Mark Hamill himself, asking if it was acceptable for her to attend Comic Con dressed as Luke Skywalker.

Bentley asking permission from a man to wear an outfit seems like an incredibly outdated notion, but it is probable that she simply did not want to blaspheme or offend one of her sci-fi heroes. Perhaps she just wanted Luke’s blessing!   

Mark Hamill could have completely ignored the tweet, as most celebs are apt to do. But, instead, the Jedi master responded with an answer that would make any fan (or progressive-minded individual) positively giddy. 

“Gender matters not when you’re rocking the Force like you are, baby!” Hamill assured Bentley. 

This is an incredibly handy remark for Bentley to have in her back pocket, should any haters remark on her female Luke Skywalker.

Plus, it drives home the point that even the original actors believe these iconic franchises deserve to be enjoyed by everyone — regardless of gender.

And yes, I’m lookin’ right at you, Ghostbusters fans.

(via Distractify)