Christopher Adams was out shopping with his 5-year-old daughter Emery and son Kyler, 7, at Walmart when nature called for both of them. There was a family restroom, but with two kids, Adams decided it would be easier to take them both into the men’s room. But one fellow shopper apparently had an issue with a 7-year-old girl being in the same bathroom as him, and ended up sucker punching the father to the ground.

Adams told KSL that after his daughter was done using the stall, he took both of them to wash their hands. That’s when a heavyset shopper in his forties started sceaming at Adams.

“What the fuck is she doing in here?” the man said, according to Adams. “It is inappropriate that she’s in here.” Adams tried to cool the situation down. “I was just like, ‘Wait, what? What is going on?’” Adams then told the man to back off and attempted to exit.

That made the guy “instantly snap,” punching Adams in the mouth. “He pushed me and I caught myself and then he punched me in the face,” Adams said. “I took it and then moved him out of the bathroom… he was just exploding.”

Adams managed to push the man out of the bathroom, while his son and daughter locked themselves in a stall.

“We were outside the bathroom and I dodged one of his punches and punched him back and slammed him against the wall,” he said. “I am pretty sure I split his lip open.”
Eventually Adams was able to pin the man down while the cops were called. The man tried to make a run for it, but was eventually arrested.

Lt. Shawn Stoker confirmed to KSL that the altercation started because the assailant didn’t want Adam’s daughter to be in the men’s bathroom.  They’re treating the unnamed man as the aggressor.

Adams said he’s never met the man before, “I don’t know what he was freaking out about. The only thing that makes sense in my head at the the time was whole Obama thing with forcing transgenders to use bathrooms.”

Adams says he’s been in plenty of fights, so it didn’t shake him up that much. But his daughter was “beside herself.”

If you’re really insecure enough not to want a 5-year-old in the men’s bathroom, you really need to reconsider your life decisions.

(via Distractify)