People have used some pretty ridiculous methods to smuggle drugs across the border. We’ve heard stories of cocaine-filled fake carrots, opium-filled soap, and even a rocking horse concealing 29 pounds of cocaine. And it seems we’ll never learn that wrapping narcotics in foodstuffs and inanimate objects is unlikely to be successful.

Last week, a 23-year-old American woman tried to cross the border from Mexico into Arizona carrying a bad of meth-filled burritos.

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Unfortunately for her, drug sniffing dogs at the Port of Nogales were pretty suspicious about the faux burritos.

Officials discovered over a pound of meth, valued at $3000, wrapped in tortillas.

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newsy / us customs and border patrol

According to court documents obtained by The Smoking Gun Susy Laborin confessed to trying to smuggle the drugs across the border, admitting would be be paid $500 for the job, after delivering the drugs to a “unknown third party.”

It looks like Laborin wasn’t the only one with this bright idea.

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A number of arrests have taken place at the border in the last few weeks. Agents found several other cars carrying pounds of meth, cocaine and heroin… You know, allegedly. Around $1 million worth of drugs were reportedly confiscated.

Note to any potential drug smugglers: tortillas are not the best disguise.

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newsy / us customs and border patrol

Guess you’ll have to go old school and rely on your own orifices. (h/t newsy)

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