Skin-to-skin contact, otherwise known as kangaroo care, is a parenting practice that involves placing your newborn baby on your bare chest instead of using an incubator. It’s believed to have many potentially beneficial qualities for both you and your young one. It helps to calm mothers, it promotes early bonding between dad and baby, and it can help the most vulnerable babies to regulate their bodies. Oh, and aside from all those things, it also makes for an absolutely adorable picture!

Check out the photo below to see what we mean. It was originally uploaded to Facebook last year by a Danish family advocacy organization called Forældre og Fødsel. Recently it was re-posted on Facebook by South Africa-based NINO and it’s since gone viral. The picture shows a father and his young son practicing skin-to-skin contact with newborn twins. the picture has since been shared over 18,000 times, and we can definitely see why.

More info: Facebook | forældre og fødsel  (h/t: babble)


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