Leave it to humanity to make perfectly healthy foods unhealthy. Like going out to eat and getting a grilled chicken breast with a side of vegetables and a sweet potato, only to find out that the veggies are slathered in butter and the baked potato, covered in brown sugar and honey. Delicious? Yes. Calorically dense? You betcha. Me looking at myself in the mirror and squeezing my love handles wondering what would happen if my wife decided to up and leave me one day because she’s absolutely gorgeous and even though I know she won’t leave me there’s always the possibility that same younger, ripped, nicer, more handsome dude is waiting just around the corner – a daily occurrence.

Empty calories are everywhere and because of our increasingly sedentary lives, we don’t need that much food to function in a single day, no matter what a Chipotle burrito is trying to tell you.

But what if there was a magical way you could shave a few calories off of the favorite foods you eat?

Enter AbsorbPlate, a plate that actually drains some of the empty calories from the foods you eat.


Developed by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the plate’s been designed to make the everyday food people less greasy.


That’s because of the little patterned holes in the plates design that traps grease – around 30 empty calories worth of grease per plate. So if you’re looking at three meals a day, that’s almost 100 calories less a day, which could help stabilize your weight over time, as long as you don’t overeat on purpose by overestimating the power the plate possesses.

Oh and did I mention that they’re reusable, and come in some really cool designs?


Check out the whole video below.

A launch date for these bad boys haven’t been announced yet, but I’d definitely be down to order a couple to aid in my quest to ensure my wife never leaves me.

(via Distractify)