From smudged mascara to wonky eyeliner or frizzy flyaways, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome in our daily hair and beauty regimes.

Laura Meredith of online hair and beauty retailer reveals the top ten beauty hacks every woman needs to know to avoid beauty mistakes and cut down the time it takes to get ready.

beauty hacks

Wiggle your mascara brush for longer, fuller eyelashes

Wiggle the mascara brush

You don’t need fake eyelashes for a long lash look – the real secret is applying mascara properly. Instead of applying it through a stroke motion, wiggle the brush from left to right across your eyelashes, to push the lashes up and make the most of their whole length.

Double up your ponytail

Tying your hair up can make it look thinner, so next time you do a ponytail, split the hair in half. Tie the first half in a normal half-updo, leaving the rest down. Gather the remaining tresses and tie into a low ponytail, then tie both tails together for a longer, fuller style.

Avoid mascara smudges using a spoon

Nearly everyone suffers from dreaded mascara marks on our eyelids whilst applying. Place a spoon with the curve above or below the lash line to help avoid the mascara residue.

Highlight eyeshadow colours

Sometimes a bold eyeshadow looks great in the pot, but loses its brightness when applied directly onto the eyelid. Base your eye with white eyeliner or eyeshadow before applying the colour to make the shades really pop.

beauyt hack

Use lipstick to conceal dark circles under the eyes

Tame flyaways by using a toothbrush

Trying to get a sleek bun or style can be frustrating when flyaway hairs refuse to co-operate. Spritz some hairspray on your locks and use a clean toothbrush to tame those stray hairs – it will work better than a comb.

Make your lipstick last with a tissue

A statement lipstick is a great look, but can require lots of re-applying throughout the day. Instead, apply the lipstick and then gently put a tissue over the lips. Lightly tap some pressed powder over the tissue to set the lipstick in place.

Brighten up the inner corners of your eyes

White eyeliner has been on the make-up scene for a while, but using it in the right way is essential. Applying a touch of white liner to the corner of your eyes will brighten up and highlight your other make-up.


Use a tissue and pressed powder to make your lipstick last longer

Use red or orange lipstick to conceal dark circles

Apply the lipstick using a brush under your eye area, then reach for your concealer as normal and apply over the top, blending in with a brush or your fingers.

Use sellotape for perfect winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is a classic beauty look but it can be difficult to get both eyes to match without a wonky look. One way to master this is using sellotape – place the tape underneath your outside lashes and angle it towards your temples. Do this on both eyes, then draw the liquid eyeliner across the eyelid as normal, and follow it across the tapeline as far as you want. Remove the tape, and you’re good to go!

Apply baby powder to eyelashes

To accentuate long lashes, use a cotton bud and apply baby powder to your top and bottom set of eyelashes. Once this is done, recoat the eyes with mascara for fuller looking lashes.