A prolific Internet troll lost more than 400 pounds after abusing body builders who then helped him lose weight. Jesse Shand bullied people across the Internet from the safety of his mother’s home to make himself feel better about his colossal weight gain. But when he began to troll bodybuilders on an online forum they demanded he show a picture of himself – when he did his life changed forever. Instead of giving Jesse a taste of his own medicine the bodybuilders gave him tips on how to get in shape and they were not going to accept any excuses. The 28-year-old became a recluse and troll who eventually weighed more than 700 pounds before he started trying to lose weight.

Hello everyone! My name is Jesse, and in may of 2013 I was nearly 700 lbs! I was too fat to even fit in my own shower. I hadn’t bathed in years, I hadn’t left my house in years. I had given up on myself, convinced I was too far gone to possibly hope to correct my mistakes.

Then I found the website bodybuilding.com completely by accident. When the members found out about my state, they convinced me that it could be done, and gave me advice and support to get me though it.

What an amazing transformation in terms of both his personality and his physical health. I hope Jesse has learned the error of his ways and keeps up with his new outlook on life.