Thankfully, if you don’t have a green thumb and a general understanding of how not to kill anything that’s growing in dirt, you can still own houseplants. Succulents and bonsai trees are naturally hardy and, honestly, almost impossible to kill. They’re a favorite among apartment dwellers.

…but what about magical bonsai trees that float in mid-air?

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you’ll want this houseplant.

Kickstarter / Air Bonsai

By using unique planting media and magnets, these adorable little trees float in front of your very eyes.

$371,591 has been pledged on Kickstarter (the project had an $80,000 goal).

Saying these bonsai planters are beautiful would be an understatement.


There are multiple pledge rewards listed on the Kickstarter.

If you pledge $10,000 or more, you get to travel to the workshop in Japan to see the process behind making your air bonsai.

To get a full bonsai set, you need to at least pledge $200.

That might sound a little steep for a house plant…

But it is basically magic.

If you’d like to learn more about Air Bonsais, visit Hoshinchu’s website or the project’s Kickstarter.

Remember, nothing will impress guests like a magical, levitating tree.