A Solana Beach diver who discovered a sunken drone with a GoPro attached has found the devices’ rightful owner and returned the goods Friday night.

Matt Smith said John La Grange left a note on his front door asking if he owned a drone. La Grange apparently recognized the home from some of the footage recovered from the GoPro. On that same day, Smith said another friend e-mailed him the story Fox 5 covered of the “under the sea” discovery.


The last footage from a quad copter drone recovered from 12 feet of water off south Solana Beach. It was found one year after the date of the last recording.

(via Patrick La Grange)

When the quadcopter and GoPro were returned Friday night, Smith tried offering him a reward, but La Grange refused to accept it.

Last month, La Grange went diving off Solana Beach in search of fish to cook for dinner. Instead, he found a drone half buried in the sand. He was able to free the drone and noticed a GoPro attached.

La Grange was surprised to find the GoPro dry, and files still accessible. He realized the last recorded footage took place nearly a year before and did not recognize the man launching the drone in the footage.