According to his patients and colleagues, the Swedish doctor in this story was always appreciated for his professionalism, which is why what he did seems all the more shocking.

He’s being charged for the kidnapping and rape of a woman, which took place after he sedated her and brought her to his isolated, self-made bunker. Although he seemed stable and secure to those who knew him professionally, he secretly pined for a girlfriend…and plotted a dreadful scheme to get one.

The lonely 38-year-old doctor had apparently been planning an abduction for several years, which is evidenced by the fact that he built a soundproof bunker near his country house in Kristianstad, Sweden.

He disguised himself as an American, and while on a second date with a woman, he gifted her some strawberries. Little did she know that they were laced with sedatives.

She collapsed in her Stockholm apartment.

Allegedly, the doctor used these creepy masks to hide the identity of both himself and his victim while traveling to his house in the country.


When she woke up, the 30-year-old woman was in the bunker, 330 miles outside the city. She was kept there for several days against her will, and claims that the doctor raped her while she was sedated.

At one point, she attacked him with a pair of scissors, but because she was heavily sedated, she was quickly overcome.

On the sixth day after her kidnapping, the doctor took the woman to the police in an attempt to prove that she was staying with him voluntarily. When police separated the two, however, the woman told them everything.

The doctor was arrested and could be sentenced to life in prison. The woman luckily didn’t suffer any life-threatening physical injuries during her abduction, but was “deeply traumatized” by the whole thing, reports the Chicago Tribune. Swedish police are looking into the possibility that this woman wasn’t the assailant’s first victim.