We’ve all tried to make those cute little origami swans at some point, but if you’re anything like me, most of those attempts ended in miserable failure. It’s pretty rare to find someone who sees origami as more than a casual hobby, especially if you’re not hanging out in Japan.

But if you wander over to Spain, you’ll come across one man who is a true master of the craft. Gonzalo García Calvo, origami enthusiast and paper-folding extraordinaire, knows a thing or two about turning one piece of paper into something incredible.

In case you were feeling a little too proud of your latest gum-wrapper swan, check these out.

He loves creating expressive animals.

But his talent definitely doesn’t stop there.

He loves origami because “it’s like a puzzle. You have to move the flaps around so that they end up fitting perfectly, like fine machinery.”

And things get really magical when he builds little worlds for his creations.

(via BoredPanda)

It’s always refreshing to see artists turn ancient techniques into something brand new. And there’s more where that came from, so be sure to check out the rest of his work on Flickr.