After the attacks on Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad, there has been a lot of tension in the world. The threat of another ISIS attack is looming large and many are frightened at the possibility that this could happen to people they love.

Those who find themselves taking the brunt of the backlash are Muslims, men and women who believe in Islam. While it’s unfair for us to judge an entire group of people because of the bad decisions of a few, it certainly isn’t stopping some from labeling Muslims as “terrorists.”

To prove that not all Muslims are terrorists (and let’s be real, it’s a very small percentage taking part in these kinds of radical attacks), some have chosen to take to the streets of Paris, blindfolding themselves, asking people to trust them in a truly unique way. Just watch:

Source: Muslim man offers Paris empathy hugs by ReutersNews on Rumble

What a thoughtful and touching way to show that all Muslims aren’t terrorists (duh), and not all people think Muslims are terrorists (duh). I hope the world will open up their hearts a little bit more — we can always make more room for love and less for hate.