Teenage girls are easily influenced by the images of models in popular magazines. For Christie Swalding, the desire to look like these models turned into an obsession that nearly claimed her life.

Christie dreamed of one day becoming a Victoria’s Secret model. She based everything she did in her life on what the models she idolized did to stay skinny. She started dieting when she was just 12 years old; by the time she turned 16, she was putting her health at serious risk.

Christie finally realized she went too far with her obsession after she collapsed on her seventeenth birthday and ended up in the hospital. She knew she had to make some huge changes in her life to tackle her severe anorexia.


(source Barcroft TV)

Christie gained 30 pounds within eight months after her wake-up call. She even started helping other people suffering from eating disorders with their predicaments. Hopefully, this video will further aid in getting her story out into the world, highlighting the danger she put her body in with her extreme diet.